Experiences in Spanish

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Experiences in Spanish

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In Activandalucía, we create and offer bilingual – Spanish/English – fixed term short breaks and experiences for groups in all our campsites.

These actively provide a sound grounding in Spanish and/or English combining and integrating practical instruction, learning, practice and understanding into our daily lives and activities through conversation, games and mental and physical exercises and pursuits.

Our bilingual school camps are divided into two parts:

On the one hand, you will enjoy multi-adventure and nautical activities where, as a group you will learn the specific vocabulary relating to the activities themselves and the methods, equipment and materials used.

On the other hand, we will place at your disposal an array of interesting and
entertaining workshops where conversation will be encouraged and enhanced with group participants also introduced and familiarised to situations which boost creativity and make them lose any nervousness and/or embarrassment they may feel when communicating in a foreign language.

We will have a team of bilingual instructors and/or conversation auxiliaries, who, throughout the day, will initiate and encourage conversations, discussions and interactions in the language being learned in addition to the workshops, activities, games and evening soirées.


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Camping La Sierrecilla

July 1 to 10
July 15 to 25

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Camping Pueblo Blanco

July 1 to 10
July 15 to 25
August 1 to 10

Do not hesitate to contact us to prepare a program appropriate to the level of children so that they have an experience as fun as it is profitable in terms of language.

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