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Camping, camps and end-of-course trips in the Sierra de Cazorla


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Nestling in the heart of the picturesque natural park of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas at a 1000m above sea level, close to the source of the Guadalquivir River, which provides a number of different bathing areas, the camping complex promotes a feeling of peace and tranquillity in total harmony with the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Indeed, the campsite, in its` outstanding location, has all the ingredients necessary to be one of the best summer camps in the Cazorla area and allow the children to spend their days here as if in a dreamlike adventure.

Our 30 years` experience and current well deserved, first class reputation is a guarantee of safety and quality in all aspects of Summer Camp life

The Principal Objectives are set:

Our camps are perfect for providing experiences, which can be readily shared, and acquiring new knowledge and skills from our committed, fully qualified instructors who soon become both teachers and friends.

For some, it may even be their first experience of adventure without parental and/or family presence and/or guidance – An opportunity not to be missed at any cost.

For many, there is nothing more memorable than a summer camp, the perfect setting for participating in exciting, adventurous sports/pursuits, fostering an atmosphere of togetherness and comradeship and acquiring new friends, while, at the same time, and, most of all, having fun and enjoyment.

In addition to the free sports facilities, we offer, again totally free, an entertainment programme, according to season, with a range of day, evening and night time activities, soirees and festivities for children of all ages alike.

You will be an integral part of an authentic adventure where your creativity, skill and imagination will ensure you have one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, enjoying activities such as zip lines, Tibetan bridges, natural rock climbing including canyoning for the older ones, evening festivities, Theme days and endless further escapades.

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Every camp needs excitement and enthusiasm

To give each an identity and personality and make every day memorable, a different theme, which will be represented throughout the day in all multi-adventure activities, will be adopted each day.

Live the experience – Wear the gear, duds and glad rags of the period and transport yourself into the theme

Here are some previous examples, but, as yet, no themes have been set and selected for future camps – The choice awaits you!

dia pirata - SUMMER CAMPS

Pirate Day

Treasure Hunt with clues, over an orienteering course to find the treasure and capture the flag;

dia de olimpiadas - SUMMER CAMPS

Olympics Day

Teams representing Athens and Sparta compete with each other for the gold medal;

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Medieval Day

Building castles - jousting tournament and medieval fair - eating chicken with your hands - period dances of the realm;

Dia de Robinsones - SUMMER CAMPS

Swiss Family Robinson Day

Raft construction - astronomy - treasure hunts and expeditions

Día Cirquense - SUMMER CAMPS

Circus Day

Theatrical skills - dances - juggling - group affirmation games and dynamics

dia de indios - SUMMER CAMPS

Indian Day

Tipis construction, kitchen assault, totem ritual ...


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If your visit to Cazorla is with children, or looking for a campsite that offers something else, in Puente de las Herrerías we guarantee fun for all ages with many multi-adventure, hiking and leisure alternatives totally free for our clients. In Holy Week, July, August and Bridges, our team of monitors prepare a program of activities that consists of multiadventure (zip line, arborism, human pendulum, archery) hiking and miniclub, mini disco and evening evenings and many more. This added value makes Puente de las Herrerías an ideal campsite for children, adults and nature lovers in general.

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If you need more information or need any clarification about any of our summer camp or any of the different options we offer, contact us through the form you will find on the right, call us or write us an email without any commitment. We will be happy to assist you and respond to all your issues


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Camping Puente de las Herrerias

Ctra. Nacimiento Guadalquivir Km. 2. Cazorla
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